ATEX Control Panel Build

For Hazardous Area projects going internationally ASI can also provide ATEX/IECEX design and panel building services for a wide variety of locations and applications. EXD Flame Proof and EXP Purged/Pressurized enclosures can be designed and built for Groups I and II, Gas or Dust and up to Zone 1 Applications. EXE Increased Safety panels can be provided with components and certificate of compliance for up to Zone 2 Applications.

ASI’s flexibility in all phases of an international Hazardous Area project is really what makes us easy to work with compared to most ATEX/IECEX shops. We understand that custom projects are a dynamic process and that doesn’t change when it comes to Hazardous Area projects. Making changes or additions is as simple as getting in touch with the project manager and letting them know. Basically the only constraints are sticking with EXD or Explosion Proof Enclosure penetrations after they’ve been ordered and staying within commercially available Explosion Proof Enclosures. The only unfortunate part of ATEX or IECEX projects is that they do need to be inspected once completed by a notified body to issue a certificate of conformance. There is no way around this and no becoming certified to do so and test ourselves as is done for our UL NNNY panels. These certification and testing costs are passes along on the project to the customer. If an application is going to have repeats or be an OEM application we can forgo the certification process on subsequent units if it is setup correctly the first time.

ASI can provide:

  • Hazardous Area Design Work
  • Custom Designed or OEM (EXD) Flame Proof Enclosure Panel Build
  • Custom Designed or OEM (EXP) Purged/Pressurized Enclosure Panel Build
  • Custom Designed or OEM (EXE) Increased Safety Enclosure Panel Build
  • EXD, EXP, or EXE Panels providing Intrinsically Safe Circuit Extensions.
  • Halogen Free Wiring for projects that require it.
  • All our other Engineering capabilities still apply PLC programing, Hazardous Area HMI programming and much more.






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