Machine Build

Designing and building controls doesn’t have to be where the project stops with ASI as we also offer Mechatronics and Machine Build Services. One of the advantages of moving to our new 27,000 square feet facility has been that we have the space to assemble single machines or entire lines in some cases right here under our own roof while integrating controls and installation wiring all during the same process. This way every step of the machine build process can be done when it makes the most sense, and results in the cleanest looking and easiest to service product. No more wishing something hadn’t been done and needing to move parts to accommodate for electrical after it moves from one shop to another.

ASI’s mechatronics and machine build capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Mechanical design review for fit and function and allowing for proper mounting of controls and wiring.
  • Assembly along with documentation updating, we’ll make sure your as-builts are correct.
  • On-site fitment correction, if parts don’t fit together as planned ASI can usually take care of it under our own roof, if not we can get quick turnaround from our network of fabrication shops.
  • Mechatronic testing of machine assemblies, testing of both the electrical and mechanical aspects of the machine in one step, before FAT testing or production even begins.

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