UL / CUL NNNY Explosion Proof

When it comes to Hazardous Location control needs ASI can deliver complete solutions for either gas or dust environments (Class I, II, and III locations up to Division 1). We can do this under our own roof without need of outside certification, as we are certified by UL to do so. This greatly reduces lead time and cost of custom or OEM Hazardous Location control panels.)

ASI’s flexibility in all phases of a Hazardous Location projects is really what makes us easy to work with compared to most NNNY shops. We understand that custom projects are a dynamic process and that doesn’t change when it comes to Hazardous Location projects. Making changes or additions is as simple as getting in touch with the project manager and letting them know. Basically the only constraints are sticking with EXD or Explosion Proof Enclosure penetrations after they’ve been ordered and staying within commercially available Explosion Proof Enclosures.

ASI can provide:

  • Hazardous Location Design Work
  • Custom Designed or OEM (EXD) Flame Proof Enclosure Panel Build
  • Custom Designed or OEM (EXP) Purged/Pressurized Enclosure Panel Build
  • NNNY Panels providing Intrinsically Safe Circuit Extensions.
  • All our other Engineering capabilities still apply PLC programing, Hazardous Location HMI programming and much more.

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